Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 4 - Lake Gairdner to Gawler Ranges

Day 4
Lake Gairdner to Gawler Ranges – Wednesday September 19th 2012
Up early as there were nasty thunder heads and lightning and thunder. It looked like a storm was heading our way.
The weather seemed to skirt around us, so after breakfast it was off to do some exploring of Lake Gairdner. Lake Gairdner is often used for land-speed record trials, but this year it has been too wet.
The surface looks like a snow field, and is quite hard to walk on. Many pieces of dead tree are slowly becoming crystallised by the salt.
David was adventurous and climbed the hill to get a fantastic view. The Lake looks like a sea with inlets and islands.

We had a look at Pondanna Shearers quarters which has had some preservation work; the well and tank are in excellent condition, then on to Mt Ive for re-fuelling


Mt Ive is a working station, but also allows access to Lake Gairdner from the property plus accommodation for travellers. There are 2 grave sites near the homestead of young children who died in the 1800s.

At last we reached our destination of the Gawler Ranges

We chose to stay at Mattera Well campsite

 –No one near us for some 20+ kilometres, just one very large fat copper head or king brown
 ( didn’t get that close to it) decided that it preferred our campsite.
After settling ownership, we set up our camp site; a beautiful area in a gorge with wild flowers just coming out.
Davo made a ‘nice fire’ and after tea we did a bit of satellite spotting before bed.

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