Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 2 - Woomera to Kingoonya

Woomera to Kingoonya Monday September 17th 2012

Once up we decided to have a good look through Woomera. The History Museum was closed, but when the lady at the Visitors Information Centre heard that we wanted to look at some of the history of the village she arranged for the place to be opened/
We looked at heaps of photos and back issues of the Gibber Gabber. Unfortunately they only have from 1967; earlier stuff will needed to be looked at through the State Library.
Davo was excited to find out details about the Woomera Railway Station. No one is sure where exactly it was located, just near the donga somewhere, but we do know that it closed April 1st 1978. All freight etc. then needed to be left at Pimba siding.
Early lunch at the Outback diner, in Woomera, then off to Glendambo. We stopped off to look at Island Lagoon, then Lake Hart. Davo met some other train enthusiasts and there is a great photo of the three of them perched on a hill waiting for a train. How sad L
First re-fuelling at Glendambo then off to Kingoonya. Bit of a rough road, but Raider can handle anything. If Andrew Wood can do it in an EH Holden, we can do it too!
Kingoonya is now a ghost town. The pub is closed – the owner died. And little else is left, although the progress association have done a marvellous job with the toilet facilities. We decided to make camp here, and have a beautiful spot in the bush – Davo is especially excited because it is near the railway line. What joy.
A freighter came through earlier, and Davo has found what he thinks is the Kingoonya Railway station.
Beautiful tea – chick coriander stir-fry –and now listening to some music. We now have company as several other tourers have discovered that the local caravan park is closed and have joined us on the town common.
On to Tarcoola tomorrow.

History Museum

From the Gibber Gabber

Lisa on Lake Hart

Raider looking out over Lake Hart
The walk down to Lake Hart - Lucky Lisa has been breaking in her new hiking boots

Lots of salt from the Lake
Lake Hart with the railway line
Blurry - but Davo with his new train spotting friends.

Glendambo Roadhouse - 1 of 2

The rough ride out to Kingoonya
The pub with no beer - the owner died and now it is closed - Kingoonya
Kingoonya Railway Station

not many hills here
Our lovely camp site

Too late for coffee and cake here
Big spiders here
As the sun sets slowly on day 2 of our adventure.


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