Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 3 - Kingoonya to Lake Gairdner

 Day 3
Kingoonya to Lake Gairdner
Davo had a restless night. He was OVER trained – with lots of railway activity on the line which kept him awake.
After packing up our camp site, we headed for Tarcoola. Tarcoola was named after the winner of the Melbourne Cup, and was originally established as a mining site. Not much at all in Tarcoola, the pub, police station and hospital are all closed.
We drove around town (about 5 minutes) and had smoko under the shade of some trees near the train station.
On the way back to Kingoonya we checked out some tanks and wells, and photographed the railway siding Ferguson. We also saw one very large hairy-nosed wombat that had his burrow on the side of the road.
We had lunch in Kingoonya, where we also re-fuelled the Raider on a machine which would not co-operate. The local indigenous residents had a master card which enabled us to get our petrol, then on to Lake Gairdner. The road was rough, but Raider can go anywhere.
We camped on Lake Gairdner, at a camp site called Waltumba Tanks.There we met the same lot of campers who shared the town common with us in Kingoonya. They had had a falling out and were camped at opposite ends of the area.
A twilight walk to the lake before tea, then a ‘nice fire’ with roasted marshmallows

Main Street of Tarcoola
Lots of sand on the way
Another pub with no beer at Tarcoola

Raider beside tank and well and Ferguson

Skull Tank - a human skull was found there years ago

Lake Gairdner National Park

Our camp site at Waltumba Tanks
Marshmallows by our "nice fire"
all set up for the evening

Davo using the pump which still works

Our Camp site

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