Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 1 of our great adventure

Information about Range View

All packed and said our farewells to Caity the Cat and Amber Loco Cat. They looked sooooo sad.

Morning tea at Port Wakefield, where Lisa gave a wet tea-shirt and strip tease to the patrons (including Harley Davison Bike Group) at BP. Lisa’s coffee cup squeezed and coffee went everywhere. Did get a free drink from the service station.

Lunch at Wadlata, then on to Pimba with a stop at Range View.
Davo was very excited at seeing a STC freight train coming into Pimba.
Set up camp in Woomera then a stroll around the sights. Lots of empty blocks and houses, but the local emus are happy. Saw the church where Lisa was christened, now the local history museum.
Very windy at the moment, hope our little tent can take it .Bacon, eggs and crumpets for tea – just what Davo really likes
Davo with his iced coffee at Wadlata

Range View looking back towards Port Augusta and the Flinders Ranges

Davo being an adventurous driver, showing where we are going

STC freight train - Davo had to stop at the Pimba crossing - he was soooo excited

Our camp at Woomera

The missile rocket heritage park

and a plane

This was St Barbara's Church of England Church where Lisa Was Christened

A 'goonie bird' camera like the one Lisa's mother use to operate

Ready for lift-off


  1. Have fun sharing our adventure. Just like the leylands

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